Welcome to the IBM SkillsBuild Curriculum Kit

What is IBM SkillsBuild?

IBM SkillsBuild is a new digital learning experience that offers students and teachers access to cutting-edge technical and professional skills. The tool offers SkillsBuild students and educators free access to industry-recognized digital badges on emerging technologies and professional competencies that are in-demand across industries represented in the SkillsBuild network.

We created a curriculum kit that maps particular IBM SkillsBuild resources to DepEd subjects to help teachers, like yourself, get started in using these in your classes.

Find your subjects below, which contains links to specific IBM SkillsBuild Resources

How can I use this curriculum kit?

It's easy! Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the subject. Each subject has a catalog of linked IBM SkillsBuild Resources.

Step 2: For each resource, there is a direct link to IBM SkillsBuild.

Step 3: Once you click the link and you are logged-in you can access that IBM SkillsBuild resource.

It's not mapped to my subject, can I still use IBM SkillsBuild?

Yes, there are other ways to maximize this platform:

Supplementary Resources Even if they are not 100% aligned to your curriculum, you can integrate IBM SkillsBuild in particular areas or lessons that could support the learning

Student Upskilling Technology is an essential part of our modern lives. Recommend IBM SkillsBuild to your students to prepare them for college or careers after graduation

Teacher Upskilling Teachers can also learn from this platform. You can receive badges and certificates which you can use to apply for self-directed CPD points

Do you have other teacher resources?

We recommend exploring these two sections of IBM SkillsBuild, specifically for teachers :

Teacher Toolkit

This teacher toolkit was created to make the lives of busy educators easier by showcasing all the important resources you need to make IBM SkillsBuild a success in your classroom.

Classroom Resources

Follow these links to explore how IBM SkillsBuild can orient you to new technologies, innovative ways of working, and job readiness skills, and equip you with hands-on, age-appropriate activities for your students.